UVC Tech Ltd: Testimonial

Disgrifiad o’r Cwmni

UVC Tech Ltd aims to develop a new product to disinfect “high touch” areas, such as ATM keypads, chip / pin machines and computer keyboards, using UVC radiation.

Manylion y Prosiect

  • Cwmni: UVC Tech Ltd
  • Partner CAFf: Prifysgol Bangor
  • Lleoliad: St Asaph, Denbighshire

“The work done by the Bangor CPE team has allowed us to redefine our goals and we believe will produce the solution we seek to create a ground-breaking technology in the field of UVC light disinfection which can be used in the presence of humans without damaging them”

Peter Rutter, Director, UVC Tech Ltd

UVC Tech Ltd sought CPE’s expertise to investigate the feasibility of their idea and successfully developed a prototype product as a result.

Work is now taking place to refine their idea in a second project and they are also being supported by both CPE and Bangor University to apply for further R&D funding.