Spectroscopic Analysis

Spectroscopy allows us to determine many characteristics of a material. We can analyse optical properties like absorption and transmission as well as down to the atomic and molecular level to infer the chemical composition.

Spectroscopy analysis is relevant to all major sectors including:

Aerospace & Automotive             Solar & Photovoltaics    

Electronics & Optoelectronics      Scientific & Medical        

Agriculture & Environmental       Defence & Security

Through CPE, our industrial collaborators have access to state-of-the-art spectroscopy equipment.

Aberystwyth University is home to a suite of spectroscopy and microscopy facilities. The team have worked on several projects for particle size analysis as well as chemical composition analysis. The lab’s Dynamic Light Scatter (DLS) is used to determing particle size and size distribution of particles from 0.3nm up to 10micron. Chemical analysis of materials can be probed using the team’s specialist  XPS and UPS equipment (X-ray or Ultra Violet Photoelectron Spectroscopy). The Aberystwyth University lab also has capabilities in other material analysis techniques such as molecular structure and orientation or surface analysis.

Optical spectral analysis such as transmission, reflection and absorption can be determined using spectrophotometers for UV, visible and near-infrared light based at several CPE laboratories.

Specific facilities and applications include:

  • X-Ray and UV photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS and UPS) for chemical composition analysis
  • Spectrophotometer for optical spectral analysis
  • Dynamic Light Scatterer (DLS) for particle size analysis from 0.3nm up to 10 micron
Agilent Cary 7000 Spectrophotometer
XPS chamber for chemical spectroscopy
XPS chamber for chemical spectroscopy
Spectroscopy analysis of a wound treatment balm by Mon Naturals
Aberystwyth Spectroscopy lab
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