Supporting Welsh businesses through collaborative innovation

The Centre for Photonics Expertise, CPE, aims to accelerate business growth by working together with industry supporting the development of processes, products or systems.

CPE’s pan-Wales team from four Welsh universities draws on leading academic capabilities offering light-based technological solutions to businesses across Wales at no cash cost to the company.


Collaborative R&D Projects


Welsh Businesses Supported


New/Improved Products or Processes


Business Led Grant Applications

CPE is a multi – academic, industrial collaborative research partnership.

CPE is funded by the European Regional Development Fund & Welsh Government to support and provide technical solutions to businesses in Wales with their manufacturing processes and their potential product innovations through the application of photonics technology.

Work with us:

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How it works

  • We will have an introductory meeting to introduce CPE and to discuss your business and how we could work together.
  • Our technical team will then work with you to discuss in more detail any potential collaborations and put together a project plan.
  • Eligible collaborations must involve a company who has a business address within the West Wales and the Valleys region, and must plan to impact business growth and development.
  • As soon as both parties agree a project plan, work can begin.
  • There is no cash cost to the company. Projects are to be matched in-kind by the industrial partner in staff costs.

What is CPE and how is it relevant to Welsh Businesses?

Watch our introductory video.

What is the cost to you?

There is no cash cost to the company,
only matched contribution, such as staff costs evidenced by timesheets.

We work with you in matched effort and resource to develop or solve the processes, products or systems you need.

The academic expertise is funded by the project to be matched in kind by the industrial partnership.

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