Optical Design and Prototyping

Modelling and analysis of optical systems enables the implementation of design changes for results such as optimized efficiency, compactness, or durability.

Optical design and/or prototyping is relevant to all major sectors including:

Aerospace & Automotive             Solar & Photovoltaics    

Electronics & Optoelectronics      Scientific & Medical        

Agriculture & Environmental       Defence & Security

Many industry collaborations have utilized the optical modelling, optical design and prototyping facilities of CPE. Our expertise in optical modelling packages such as Zemax have enabled significant improvements in optical performance of products developed by Welsh SMEs.

CPE’s team at University of South Wales has core expertise in laser and LED-based optical systems development. Their dedicated photonics laboratory also has prototyping facilities at such as 3D printers, CNC and injection molding, to facilitate fast and low cost prototype development.

Through Wrexham Glyndŵr University’s OpTIC Technology Centre, CPE also has leading expertise in precision optical systems for aerospace and defence, space sciences, medical and astronomy markets. Their key capabilities in precision optics include optical design, fabrication and surface metrology.

Specific applications include:

  • LEDs: Lighting and illumination
  • Laser systems (e.g. tunable lasers, high power lasers) design, implementation, and commercialization
  • Optical measurement system – design and implementation
  • Optical design and modelling
  • Prototyping of Optical Systems
  • Precision Optical Systems
Fecal Egg Counting Imaging System - Techion case study
Global Laser 3D printed parts
Rings OpTIC
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