Thermal/Visible Imaging Systems

Visible and thermal imaging using systems like cameras or microscopes can provide invaluable insight through data capture and image processing.

Thermal/visible imaging is relevant to all major sectors including:

Aerospace & Automotive             Solar & Photovoltaics    

Electronics & Optoelectronics      Scientific & Medical        

Agriculture & Environmental       Defence & Security

Imaging systems allow controlled digital capture and analysis, enabling us to instantly see something more clearly, perform image processing for quantitative insight, and provide real-time remote monitoring.

Use of visible or thermal cameras is one of the most common uses of photonics in CPE collaborations. These tend to be off-the-shelf and used to provide customized solutions for imaging processing in sometimes difficult lighting conditions. Our team at Aberystwyth University specializes in thermometry, and has thermal cameras that can be used for system performance analysis.

Finally, our more high-end systems include:

  • Bangor University’s Nanoscope and Superlens for precision imaging with resolution to on the nanometre scale
  • Confocal microscope for 3D imaging
  • Surface profile for sub-angstrom roughness measurements.

Specific applications include:

  • Image capture for vision systems e.g. product counting, quality control
  • Thermal camera systems for analysis
  • Precision imaging to the nanometer scale
BU image of fly's eye taken with confocal microscope
Olympus Laser Confocal Microscope
Automated Slate Counting System - Welsh Slate Ltd
Thermal imaging for monitoring fridge efficiency
Fecal Egg Counting Imaging System - Techion case study
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