Sensing and Measurement

Sensing and measurement by the detection of light has a vast array of applications. Presence sensors, distance measurement, and barcode readers are well established technologies alongside more recent advances allowing pulse rate monitoring, gas sensing, and cameras for vision systems.

Sensing and Measurement is relevant to all major sectors including:

Aerospace & Automotive             Solar & Photovoltaics    

Electronics & Optoelectronics      Scientific & Medical        

Agriculture & Environmental       Defence & Security

Recent advances in microelectronic devices and smartphone technology have meant that many types of sensors are small and available at low cost for prototype development. Several CPE collaborations have involved the implementation of these commercially available sensors as a tool to develop innovative sensor solutions for sectors such as environmental, biomedical sector and manufacturing.

The CPE teams at University of South Wales and Aberystwyth University have software and hardware expertise, and knowledge of development boards such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino and similar, to develop AI-capable systems.

Specific applications include:

  • Environmental sensing
  • Biomarker sensing
  • Product counting systems
  • Prototype development
  • IoT-ready systems
Automated Slate Counting System - Welsh Slate Ltd
Enviro365 environmental sensor unit developed with CPE
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Sensing and Measurement