Enviro 365: Testimonial

Company Description

Enviro365 provide an engineering consultancy service delivering environmental protection planning and support equipment. The company has been expanding its engineering services since its establishment in 2019, although the directors have extensive previous experience with over 25 years in relevant industries. Principally the company delivers simple but effective processes and monitoring solutions which can ensure environmental protection for bulk fuel oil storage and containment facilities.

Project Details

  • Company: Enviro 365
  • CPE partner: University of South Wales, University of Aberystwyth
  • Location: Carmarthen

“Being a small start up in the Environmental Sector can be daunting when looking for advice and help to progress basic ideas. Using the internet to find the right funding channels through Innovate UK produced a collaboration with CPE that was not only quick to instigate but provided a sounding board and technical capability to advance our basic idea to prototype stage for further funding.

This was an enjoyable journey which added two Academics to the project in addition to a project co Ordinator, all providing a pro active approach to understanding E365’s end solution. The administration tasks were made simple and without this form of academic help the project may have been on hold indefinitely until spare time and cash flow would allow.

The outcome for Enviro365 is an exciting next stage to the journey, with new friends made and a successful University partnership that adds valuable weight to this and future projects.

Tony Powell (Managing Director), Enviro 365