Complete Tooling Solutions Ltd: Investigation of 3D Scanner technologies

Project Description

Complete Tooling Solutions and University of South Wales collaborated on a CPE project to investigate the capability of 3D scanning technology as part of their engineering processes.

Project Details

  • Company: Complete Tooling Solutions Ltd
  • CPE partner: University of South Wales
  • Location: Denbighshire

CTS is one of the leading bespoke component and tool-making organizations in the UK. They provide complete engineering solutions and specialise in press and injection mould tooling.

The aim of the project was to investigate the capability of the 3D scanning technology to improve current internal processes that rely on 2-dimensional measurement techniques. With USW’s expertise in prototype development and photonics-based manufacturing techniques, they were able to advise on existing 3D scanning technologies.

Considering CTS’s requirements for accuracy, shape and part size, six 3D scanners from five suppliers were tested. The majority of 3D scanners suffer from low accuracy during scanning of high curvature gradient shapes and post processing was found to be very time consuming and required high level of staff training. However, one of the latest technologies available in the market was found to be a good fit for CTS’s requirements. Handyscan from Creaform demonstrated a fast, reliable, plug & play, easy to use and user-friendly interface. The 3D scanner is also portable and benefits from dynamic referencing, which means both the 3D scanner and part can be moved.

USW organized a demonstration from Creaform to present their Handyscan to CTS at their site. CTS are pleased to have identified a suitable 3D scanner that would introduce a new process to their firm, resulting in improved accuracy and yield. They hope to be able to purchase this equipment in the near future.