Techion: AI-Capable Disease Management for the Agriculture Sector

Project Description

Techion and Aberystwyth University collaborated on a CPE project to improve the optical design of an imaging device for disease management of livestock.  This will allow Techion to develop a new AI-based product providing an intelligent point of care diagnostic system.

Project Details

  • Company: Techion UK Ltd
  • CPE partner: Aberystwyth University
  • Location: Ceredigion

“Working with the CPE team at Aberystwyth has helped us identify key areas for improvement to enhance our imaging capabilities. These are already being incorporated in to our imaging device and are resulting in improve image quality from the field. We have found the team to be very practical and they have spent time to understand our business and requirements and we look forward to extend our working relationship

Eurion Thomas (European Operations Manager), Techion UK Ltd

Techion is a manufacturer of systems for disease management in the agricultural sector. They have developed an image based system which identifies parasite infection in livestock (such as sheep and cattle), using a process known as Fecal Egg Counting (FEC). In order to check for a parasite infection, the livestock have to be routinely checked through FEC. Techion have a product that assists with sample preparation and then the sample can be viewed under an imaging device and an image captured in order to carry out the FEC.

Through the support of CPE, Techion improved the optical resolving power of their imaging system to upgrade it from ‘simple’ manual parasite egg counting to an AI powered count and speciation of parasite eggs. This will mean that they would be able to identify mixed infections to ensure the animals are getting the right treatment.

The CPE collaboration with Aberystwyth University involved evaluating the existing design and then making recommendations to improve the optical resolution for a new product design. The picture shows the images of parasite eggs before (left) and after recommendations made by CPE (right). The team achieved a 3-fold improvement in the resolution as well as identifying an opportunity to reduce costs of their image sensor and improve sample illumination.

Aberystwyth University and Techion are now working together to take this collaboration further, beyond the CPE program.