Steam Bio: Solar powered processing plant

Project Description

Steam Bio and Aberystwyth University collaborated on a CPE project to investigate the feasibility of running superheated steam processing plants from solar panels and a storage battery in remote areas of Namibia.

Project Details

  • Company: Steam Bio Ltd
  • CPE partner: Aberystwyth University
  • Location: Ceredigion

The feasibility study undertaken through CPE has enabled us to ensure with confidence the equipment and budget for the PV enabled power supply for our process developments to progress with our first stage pilot trials in Namibia. Subject to the success of these pilot trials we would be keen to work with the team again on identifying PV requirements as we scale up

Huw Parry (Managing Director), New Network Europe Ltd/ Steam Bio

New Network Europe Ltd/ Steam Bio is developing and deploying an innovative process using superheated steam processing to transform ligno-cellulosic agricultural and forestry residues into sustainable and flexible feedstock for biochemical and bioenergy use. The business development envisages deployment as a series of decentralised rural biorefineries.

A significant opportunity has arisen for this technology in Namibia and other areas of Southern Africa to turn a problem of encroaching bush into an indigenous source of clean burning biofuel and water. This is initially being progressed with an application to Innovate UK Energy 7 competition.

Working in collaboration with the CPE team at Aberystwyth and Glyndwr University an investigation has been undertaken on the feasibility of using PV solar panels to power the system and charge back storage batteries to offer 24/7 system operation.