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Thermal Analysis of Novel Off-Grid Refrigeration

Case Studies

Varichem Co Ltd: Measurement of Polymer Particles

Case Studies

Complete Tooling Solutions Ltd: Investigation of 3D Scanner technologies

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Techion: AI-Capable Disease Management for the Agriculture Sector

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Diamond Centre Wales: Laser engraved nano-markings

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Welsh Slate: Automated product counting system

Case Studies


CPE team were very proactive in setting up the joint project and managing it. They provided strong communication throughout the 2-month project, and ran it smoothly to its conclusion. We now have a much stronger understanding of what was possible for our optical product concept and have already identified the follow-up opportunity to take advantage of the CPE’s vacuum coating facility.


Malcolm Watson, Principal Research Engineer

We at Mon Naturals were really impressed with CPE and their project capabilities. After initially agreeing to a possible collaboration with the CPE Team, a project was put in place and up and running in no time. This process was efficient and allowed the focus to be on the project rather than the paperwork. From the start this has been a positive experience and I can only thank the team for their professionalism.

Mon Naturals

Ianto Jones, Director

Being a small start up in the Environmental Sector can be daunting when looking for advice and help to progress basic ideas. Producing a collaboration with CPE was not only quick to instigate but provided a sounding board and technical capability to advance our basic idea to prototype stage for further funding. The administration tasks were made simple and without this form of academic help the project may have been on hold indefinitely until spare time and cash flow would allow.

Tony Powell

Enviro 365

Working with the CPE team has assisted Grafmarine in re-evaluating its manufacturing processes using photonics technology, resulting in the delivery of improved product development, closer supply chain collaboration with SME suppliers in Wales and the realisation that innovation is a core strategy to our growth.

Martin Leigh


Bangor University CPE team have invested significant time and resources into solving this problem by successfully implementing photonics and bespoke programming. Welsh Slate are looking forward to advancing the project further with Bangor University, with the aims of improving accuracy and implementing pattern recognition, ensuring the system will be able to run successfully in the production environment.

Dylan Evans

Welsh Slate

The feasibility study undertaken through CPE has enabled us to ensure with confidence the equipment and budget for the PV enabled power supply for our process developments to progress with our first stage pilot trials in Namibia. Subject to the success of these pilot trials we would be keen to work with the team again on identifying PV requirements as we scale up.

Huw Parry

Steam Bio

We strongly believe that nano marking using laser scribing, with photonics to uniquely mark the diamonds in a non-destructive way, is the answer for secure tracing and identification. Working with CPE partner Bangor University has clearly showed this is possible in their feasibility study, and we would look forward to working with them again to fully explore this innovative process

Kelvin James

Diamond Centre Wales

Working in collaborating with CPE has helped us to identify 3D printing solutions that fulfil our demanding tolerances in our laser products. We now believe that this technology can be applied to a number of products which will lead to huge cost reductions and help us improve our profits. We are very pleased with the insight that this project has given.

David Beckerley

Global Laser Ltd