Ebbah Sustainovation – Solar powered lighting and ventilation for tents and parasols

Disgrifiad o’r Cwmni

Ebbah Sustainovation prides itself on being at the forefront of the implementation and innovation of sustainable solutions for businesses and organisations, as well as providing a ‘one-stop solution’ for a range of engineering project delivery for their clients.

Manylion y Prosiect

  • Cwmni: Ebbah Sustainovation
  • CPE partners: Prifysgol De Cymru
  • Lleoliad: Swansea
Solar Paneled Parasol

Ebbah Sustainovation approached CPE to seek optical expertise to develop a product for the lighting and ventilation of tents / parasols powered by solar panels.

The final product was intended to be affordable for a range of applications and settings, specifically where access to a reliable and consistent energy supply may be difficult.

The final prototype is well into testing and both CPE and Ebbah Sustainovation teams are confident that this will be a valuable product used worldwide.