Transcend Packaging – Laser cutting of paper straws

Disgrifiad o’r Cwmni

Transcend Packaging specialise in the manufacture of sustainable packaging such as paper straws, cups, boxed packaging and cutlery with major clients which include McDonalds and Ribena. Transcend Packaging is committed to bringing the next generation of sustainable packaging to market.

Manylion y Prosiect

  • Cwmni: Transcend Packaging
  • CPE partners: Prifysgol Bangor
  • Lleoliad: Caerphilly
Comparison between blade and laser cutting methods

Transcend Packaging approached CPE to address some of the challenges in their current blade-based paper straw cutting process.

CPE researchers experimented with several different lasers and techniques to cut the company’s paper straws without burning or marking and made further recommendations to the company.

It is hoped that in the future, lasers will be integrated into the production line in order to improve and streamline the manufacturing process. The technique could also be applied to other products.